Hey, I'm Megan Angela & I Want My Art To Help You On A Path To Healing By Representing My Journey In Art

Why, You Ask?

As I grow both spiritually and emotionally my voice grows and my soul heals. I want to share what helped me on this journey...my art. Through my art I hope to help others on their path to healing Each of my new works represents a step I have taken on this path.

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 "The meaning behind these works really resonated with me "-Ashley

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Abstract of Emotion

"Look we all get lost from time to time and that's why I create. It doesn't matter where you have been or where you're going you just need to be here in the moment, that is the true magic. I think so much of us have pain inside us beckoning to come out and those pains are there to help us remember to not stay in the pain but, channel it into positivity and become the higher self you were always meant to be. "[Megan Angela ]

There is no force more powerful than a soul determined to rise

Do you feel your power?

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Abstracts of Emotion Collection

 Freedom is not just in the physical world but the freedom from your own internal oppression....

Indomatiable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit is the perserverance to get up each day and grow that which makes us unique, that which can't be conquered

Transformation and Evolution

We should not only transform but, evolve leaving behind that which doesn't bring us value just as the Monarch Butterfly!

New Begging

Breaking the same negative cycles to start a new positive patterns that's what new beginning mean to me....

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