Parade of Hearts

So I recently got an amazing art opportunity, a 5 ft fiberglass heart for the parade of hearts, which is "THE MISSION FOR THE PARADE OF HEARTS IS TO UNITE OUR REGION THROUGH AN INCREDIBLE PUBLIC ART EXPERIENCE. ORIGINAL ARTWORK BASED ON THE KC HEART WILL BE PLACED AROUND THE REGION AND PROMOTED AS A TOURISM ACTIVITY. THE GOAL IS TO SET A NATIONAL EXAMPLE OF UNIFICATION, TRULY SHOWING THE COUNTRY WE ARE THE HEARTLAND WITH A COMMON PURPOSE OF MAKING OUR COMMUNITIES STRONG. EMBRACING KANSAS CITY’S PLACE AS THE “HEART OF AMERICA,” THE EVENT WILL ENERGIZE THE LOCAL ECONOMY, BOOST TOURISM, AND REVITALIZE RETAIL AND SERVICE SECTORS, AND RAISE FUNDS FOR THOSE MOST AFFECTED BY THE EVENTS OF 2020 AND 2021." I am just blown away that I was able to be part of this amazing project! Now lets get to the painting of this 5ft fiberglass hearts, man was that intimidating it was the biggest painting I had ever done, so I started off drawing a rough sketch of the whales just for placement, then I went in and covered the whole thing in a paynes gray that took so many coats at least 8, but I had cover all my sketch so that was fun.(haha) So I ended up having to do a sketch again, instead I did a rough and messy sketch with the paint. Instead of sketching it in with chalk which saved me time in the long run. The messy part is my favorite part it just feels so freeing to be able to get out all the frustration of that day. Then I moved on to blocking in the whales and flowers, and after that the details. Over all I really did enjoy the whole opportunity! My heart that I painted is sponsored by the City of Lenexa, and placed just outside the Lenexa Public Market.           Thank you for reading my first blog, I hope for the future is to write my blogs to be able to share my painting and how I use my painting as a way of healing! 

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